CCFD/HCESD 13 Station 25 Press Release and Update

CCFD Station25CYPRESS, TX – On Thursday, August 29, 2019, Harris County Emergency Services District 13 (HCESD 13) and Cypress Creek Fire Department (CCFD), finalized the purchase of land for their future Station 25 located near Fallbrook Drive and Gessner Road, adjacent to Sam HoustonParkway/Beltway 8 and Tomball Parkway/Highway 249 (notated in Blue on the above map).

Through HCESD 13’s successful sales tax election, and their promise to build and staff an additional fire station, Cypress Creek Station 25 will be the department’s fifth fire station. Station 25 will be completed in mid-2021 by Joiner Architects, a leader in economic innovation; balancing need and efficiency to maximize every dollar for the community.

“We must protect the lives and property of our community, and be there for each other to grow. With the implementation of the fifth fire station, we will better serve the residents within our district. Since Harvey, we have identified a plan to do more for our constituents, and this station will provide better response times with fully-trained staff,” said Fire Chief Richard Lieder.

As an added feature to the station and to further support the community, CCFD has discussed having a full-time, staffed Medic Unit at Station 25 with Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services (CCEMS). This medic unit would further ensure that the very best medical care will be available 24/7/365 to the residents of HCESD 13.

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CYPRESS CREEK FIRE DEPARTMENT: CCFD was founded in 1976 and protects the Cypress Creek community, which is approximately 32 square miles northwest of the City of Houston’s Downtown. With more than 80,000 residents and one of Texas’ fastest-growing communities, CCFD and HCESD13 must maintain positive growth to meet, and surpass, the needs of its community.

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